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Clearly the sample of sales here is small and not statistically significant.The point I’m trying to make is that to really understand what’s been going on you’ll need to look deeper into the sales that occurred over the period in question.When we refinished our wood floors on the main level, I was to going crazy. The other honest appraisal As much as possible, you need to know everything about the house. Unless the house is dirt cheap, or you have access to inexpensive materials, you may need to find another house.A home appraisal and a thorough home inspection should tell you what you need to know. If it’s an old house (and most fixer uppers are), how is the foundation? Issues like mold or a foundation in disrepair are expensive to fix, so you may or may not get your money back in home equity. And while both needed a lot of work, they were completely different. The first house sat on the edge of a town with notoriously low prices for real estate.

Technically speaking, the median is more accurate than the average because it is less affected by a few unusually high or low sale prices.For instance, my husband loves doing electrical work, but doesn’t enjoy carpentry.That means our windows remained untrimmed for long time, but I’m not shocked that we have a great fuse box.With these 3 sales, the " class="glossary Link " target="_blank"median price a year earlier.However, as you can see, each of these houses did not lose any value when they were re-sold.

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Scrutinising the types of properties that sold the previous month compared to the new data can be helpful – you might notice that those selling last month were primarily 3 bedroom brick houses, where this month more prestigious homes were selling.

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