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Not only are the last five posts by the same person, but he's written [bold]seventy-three[/bold] of the 155 posts in this thread.Someone needs to get back on his meds.[quote]can I ask why you ignored the poster?It's like she sets him up with potential clients, and he gives the hard sell. They remind me of Kristin and Josh with their constant bickering.That's what Bethenny is referring to, about his "schtick." But I did notice at the lunch, when John asked, "did you get your upholstery protected? I bet her eating disorder creates a lot of problems. At this point, Jill would be a real slap in the face to viewers. She's a horrible person.)there's nothing compelling about Sonja. I may be in the minority but I preferred Bethenny's natural longer black hair to what she has now. It is possible about Jules, but she also might just be naturally very thin. Seriously, doesn't this bitch even realize that Adam is only with her for publicity and fame? He took mommy shopping for a new camera.[quote] I really can't stand hipsters like Adam with their annoying hipster style. Ramona = still refuses to be honest, Lu Ann = still pretentious, and Sonya = sloppy slut. If it wasn't for Dorinda and Bethenny, this season would be a snooze fest. I feel like Bethenny was just bitching because Jules is skinnier than her. (I would not be surprised if folks were GLAD she lost a limb. The Sonja/Lu Ann living situation is going to be so predictable.. Ramona has done something to her face-she looks better than last season. Bethenny really shouldn't be saying that Jules has an eating disorder when plenty of people have said the same about Bethenny. As if her skeletor face wasn't bad enough last season, she looks like a fucking skeleton HAG this season. With Ramona, Lu Ann, and Sonya, it's the same old shit as the past seasons. Did anyone notice that poor but very hot guy on the barstool at the end who was singled out by Ramona and Bethenny for a kind of passive-aggressive insult quest.

I wonder if that was part of her contract for this year? Can't wait to see how her natural beauty interacts with the nipped, tucked, skininess of those RHONYC ladies! They were showing a NYC marathon earlier today, with the Montana trip, and I didn't remember that the ladies were accusing Aviva of having Munchausen's! Aviva was a crack up with her x-rays, and her doctor's note, and her HUGE inhaler which she kept breathing as "proof" of her decreased lung capacity. I'm also loving Betheny calling out Doris and John for their messiness. I was happy to see it make a guest appearance this episode.

I really feel like what you see is what you get, with Dorinda.

The only ones worth being on the show anymore are Dorinda and Bethenny. She's a bit unpredictable, and she doesn't bullshit.

I'm not sure but I suspect he's one of the repetitive anti-Lisa Vanderpump trolls who've hijacked the RHOBH threads.

I rarely block anyone so whatever it was, it was bad. When she had her surgery (it will be shown on the show, I think, or at least mentioned) she had complications. She had no family or close friends to help her when she was ill. Whenever Dorinda starts yelling, her words are slurred, regardless of how much she's had to drink.

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